Papa Djabs update

Papa Djabs continues making fine quality extra hot sauces, our only change this year is that in our quest for the best and most consistent hot sauce we will be producing one batch of sauce per year. We have found that seasonal pepper variations make subtle changes to the sauce, in colour, heat and flavour. Now we are able to buy peppers once a year at a specific period in the chilli's growth, when capsaicin levels are highest and pepper has more savoury acidity. So we can now produce a hot sauce that is characteristic of a year rather than season. Our sauces will be available in numbered annual editions at the same price.

As well as working on our BBQ hot sauce, (each of our sauces took a year to complete, BBQ is taking longer).

We are also experimenting in the lab with micro brewing. In particular beer made without using animal products. Made from scratch we are looking at ways to make gourmet beer of a high quality and purity to create a notable beer rather than the standard intoxicant, this may soon be available to buy.

Pure Naga Hot Sauce

Papa Djabs Hot Naga Sauce

Pure Naga Hot Sauce, made using the worlds hottest peppers, this one is not for general sale. If you feel you are one of the few brave enough to consume something like this, contact us for details.

Papa Djabs 7/7/13 Vintage Black Label Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Hot Recipes, Hot Chillies, Hot Pepper Sauce

Papa Djabs Black Label 7/7/13  Vintage contains naga and red habanero.
4x100ml bottles £20 includes UK P&P.


7/7/13 Vintage Papa Djabs Green Bastard Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Hot Recipes, Hot Chillies, Hot Pepper Sauce

Papa Djabs 7/7/13 Green Bastard Green Chilli Sauce 4x100ml bottles £20 includes UK P&P


Healthy Benefits of Chilli

Hot Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Hot Recipes, Hot Chillies, Hot Pepper Sauce

1. Chillies contain lots of Vitamin C.
The chillies you use to spice up your foods, provide a huge amount of Vitamin C.  Equal to to amounts found in citrus fruits.

2. Chilli can help weight loss.
The capsaicin found in the chillies can increase your metabolic rate simply by raising your bodily heat production.  Even red peppers can increase meta cycle for up to 20 minutes after consumption.

3. Chilli can improve your mood
The heat experienced when eating chillies begins endorphin and serotonin release, both of which ease your mood.  The capsaicin in the peppers is responsible for increasing the serotonin and endorphins.  These two hormones raise your mood levels so you can actually feel happier just by eating a chilli.

4. Chilli can help boost your immune system.
Chillies are high in Vitamin A, which can naturally boost your immune system.  The more chillies you use in your food, the more Vitamin A you are putting into your body.  The boost to your immune system from the Vitamin A is beneficial during the winter cold months and flu season.

5. Chilli can help clear symptoms of cold and flu.
The capsaicin in chilli stimulate mucous secretions to help clear mucous from your stuffy nose.  The next time you feel a cold coming on, prepare a big pot of hot chilli to help you breathe easier.  It will help keep you warm too.

Hot Sauce for Bitcoins

Hot Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Hot Recipes, Hot Chillies, Hot Pepper Sauce

If you wish to buy hot sauce using bitcoins we sell 4x 100 ml Black Label containing fresh naga and habanero for BTC click below for secure shop,includes P&P

We also now accept Litecoin. As prices for BTC and LTC continue to rise, we would ask that any purchases meet the equivalent value in GBP on day of purchase. Send us a message via contact box to order.

peppered pulled pork

Hot Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Hot Recipes, Hot Chillies, Hot Pepper Sauce

Pulled pork is just stringy pork, slow cooked, this one cooked for around 3 hours at 150 C followed by a slow crisp up on the BBQ. The insides of the pork should be soaked in a marinade of Basque cider, garlic, wild thyme and loads of cracked black pepper and left in fridge for 48 hours.  The skin is painted with a salt water solution prior to cooking.


1 suckling pig 10-12kg (serves 10-15)


1 litre of hard Basque cider
bunch of wild thyme
200g cracked black pepper
sea salt and water

We are serving this with creamy mash potatoes, with some grated raw apple and Parmesan cheese mixed in.

sambal, the fresh and lovely but unknown chilli condiment

Writing chilli related blogs and articles I have been asked to write a guest post about an Indonesian condiment that is used a lot in the Netherlands, Indonesia, Malay, Suriname and some more countries.
Sambal or the idea to it has been born in Indonesia, Java and Malay and is originally used as a condiment so people can make their food as hot as they wanted. This use was discovered by the Dutch, imported to Holland and spread through other colonies as Suriname. I think that making sambal is one of the purest of uses for chillies, as the sambal contains over 75% chillies normally. My own sambals are more like 90-95% chillies, using some ingredients to enhance the flavour or the smell of the chilli used. So other ingredients used in sambal, are there to complement the chilli not to overrule or even co exist no, they are there to complement the chilli., celebrating the chilli as a fruit, making it a really strong and potent condiment.
Sambal also is used to marinade meats, about half a day before roasting or frying.

Hot Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Hot Recipes, Hot Chillies, Hot Pepper Sauce
Fresh Cayenne

There are two main groups of Sambal (Javanese) Sambel (Indonesian), raw called “mentah” and cooked called “matang”, the raw one is hotter most of the time.

The base of Sambal is ground chilli or chilli paste, made with a stone mortar from the complete chilli, If you want to make it slightly milder, take out some seed lists and some seeds.

I have one to but more often use it to make herb pastes called boemboes. I more often make it in a kitchen machine, and that is fast and easy. This paste I use either as a base if I want to make either raw or cooked Sambal. Depending how hot you want to have it, you use a chilli that you prefer. But keep in mind that Sambal is not diluted with a lot of ingredients, so you will get one or more chillies in just one teaspoon of sambal. Traditionally used chillies for Sambal are: Lombok, Rawit or Bird chilli and Rocoto. There is even a sambal made of a chilli that closely resembles the Naga chilli, packing almost the same heat.

Hot Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Hot Recipes, Hot Chillies, Hot Pepper Sauce
Bird pepper or chilli
Let’s do some recipes!

Sambal Oelek, the basic raw “mentah” sambal:
1 teaspoon of salt
10 chillies.
Grind the chillies with the salt, and you are ready!
Now that is a fast recipe.

My own basic Sambal Mentah

1 teaspoon of salt
1.5 teaspoon of olive oil
1 clove of garlic
15 red chillies (  Rawitt or Cayenne )
4-5 drops of lime juice

Grind the garlic with salt and chillies, when it is a smooth paste add the olive oil stirring it then stir 4-5 drops of lime juice through it until you just about smell the lime. This a fantastic vibrant and fresh Sambal that will keep for more than a week in the fridge. 

Hot Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Hot Recipes, Hot Chillies, Hot Pepper Sauce
Original Indonesian mortar  

Sambal Badjak  cooked called “matang” Sambal
10 chilies (rawitt)
2 red onions, or 5 shallots
5 cloves of garlic
A teaspoon small piece of trassi (firm paste of fermented shrimp)
5 candlenuts*
1-2 teaspoons tamarind concentrate or
2-3 tablespoons of tamarind water
Half a teaspoon of ground galangal
3 tablespoons of oil
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of soft brown sugar
2 kaffir lime leaves
125 g (4 oz) creamed coconut dissolved in 250 ml hot water

Grind the chilies in a processor with the trassi, garlic, tamarind, galangal and candlenuts to a
smooth paste,
Then add the onions or shallots keeping them in bigger pieces, not to get a puree of it all.
Heat the oil and fry the paste for a few minutes, then add the remaining ingredients and cook gently for 15-20 minutes, until the mixture thickens.
Cool, and store in a jar in the refrigerator, it’ll keep good for several weeks.

Now even though the taste is amazing, this also is one simple and fast recipe.
Hot Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Hot Recipes, Hot Chillies, Hot Pepper Sauce
 Sambal Oelek

*candlenut = candle nut = kemiri = country walnut = buah keras    Notes:   Candlenuts must be cooked before eating, since they're highly toxic when raw.  Ground candlenuts are often used to thicken Malaysian and Indonesian curries. They're so oily that natives string them together and use them as candles. Look for them in Southeast Asian markets.  Substitutes: macadamia nuts